Aguair | Environmental Improvements for Specialized Atmospheres

Environmental Improvements for Specialized Atmospheres


Customized solutions for environment preservation and Biosafety sanitization

At Aguair, we pride ourselves as a global leader in customized engineering, science, and technology offering customized solutions for environment preservation and Biosafety sanitization. With 40 years of solution-providing lineage and experience, Aguair uses simple principles of water/agent and air engineering, applied through our proprietary patented processes resulting in innovative solutions to commercial and industrial entities.

Aguair’s diverse team of engineers, scientists, researchers, and factory-trained technicians provide the company with a market-leading design and customized, problem-solving edge over any other offerings. With our own modular manufacturing facility, novel ideas are quickly and efficiently put into production for market implementation. At Aguair, quality, reliability, and affordability are not mutually exclusive; our products are built with the most durable, highest performing, and yet cost-effective components, which require minimal maintenance and servicing while providing a quick & quantifiable return on investment.

BioSafety & Perishable Control Equipment


engineering custom solutions for your applications and budget



Complete solutions for the poultry industry, from the hatchery to the processing plant



Increase your yield and reduce loss in your greenhouse or grow room



Extend the shelf life
of your perishables



Preserve the quality
of your cigars


engineering custom solutions for your applications and budget



Complete solutions for growers to help optimize your growth



maintain optimum conditions in your processing facility



Extend the shelf life
of your perishables



Preserve your investment
to reduce loss

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  • Before we installed the ClensAir™ Technology in our Tomato/Avocado/Banana coolers, you could smell the gasses at a very high state. We would find that the product did not last long within that environment. Since installing ClensAir™ Technology, the smell of gas has disappeared. We are also experiencing that the product lasts longer and our customers are also pleased.
    Scott Danner
    Premier Produce, President
  • The Aguair humidification system is an easy and effective way to humidify any size wine barrel cellar. It is extremely easy to install and set to your desired humidification levels. Combined with the ClensAir™ system, it has been an effective way of keeping the cellar humidified while preventing any mold growth.
    Cory Walker
    Owl Ridge Wine Services, Assistant to the General Manager
  • Quality and food safety are always Keystone Cold’s number one priority. ClensAir™ technology is making a big difference in our coolers. The coolers smell better, and are visibly much cleaner. Also, our produce retains freshness for a longer period of time. This results in increased profits and dramatically reduced food wastage.
    Jame Arevalo
    Key Stone Cold, General Manager

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