About Aguair


What makes Aguair different?

Aguair prides itself as a world leader in the science and technology of preservation and sanitization.
Aguair uses basic principles of water and air engineering, applied with innovative application and solutions.
Aguair’s diverse team of engineers, scientists, researchers, and technicians give the company the designing and problem solving edge over its competitors. With its own manufacturing facility, novel ideas are quickly and efficiently put onto production line.


Our engineering team is composed of a variety of skilled thinkers who collaborate to find your perfect solution.


Our design, engineering, and manufacturing teams work together to guarantee that our systems are superior to others in the industry.


Our solutions are designed to help you save money and resources by extending the shelf-life of your perishables, improving your plant's yeilds, and protecting your farm.


Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA

All Aguair products are assembled in the US, and proudly built in metro-Atlanta, Georgia.

Team Aguair - Assembled in the USA

At Aguair, quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive; our products are built with the most durable, highest performing, and cost-effective components, which require minimal maintenance and servicing.


By listening to and working with our customers, our team has engineered original solutions for a variety of unique needs.


Our team stays ahead of the industry by producing customized systems for a wide range of industries and applications.


Our systems are constantly being analyzed and revised by our team of creative and determined engineers.

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