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Aguair's engineers will work with you to develop solutions that will optimize hatchery productivity and preserve your poultry investment. Our humidity control and sanitization systems will ensure you can precisely dictate the conditions in your environment.

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ClensAir™ is the only air sanitizing system that prevents surface contamination.

Poultry health begins in the hatcheries. In order to control microbial contamination and to increase fertility and hatchability, it is necessary to maintain strict hygiene to eggs and hatcheries. It has been found that hatching eggs can be contaminated in the setter environment by air circulation. As Y.F. Metawea, et al. note in their 2013 Ostrich Hatchery study, "microorganisms that cause diseases in chick populations...can easily spread through employees activity, air currents, and recycled into setters and hatcheries by the ventilation system."

Aguair's ClensAir™ system will kill greater than 99.98% of airborne pathogens. Incorporate our ClensAir™ system into your sanitization process to maintain egg health.

SaniCart™ is mobile, portable, and effective.

Traditionally, sanitizing and other solutions are manually sprayed. This is a labor intensive and tedious process. SaniCart™ simplifies this process and makes it more efficient and effective. Our proprietary technology allows solution to be sprayed as a fine fog, which uniformly reaches all areas of your hatchery, allowing for optimal coverage to reduce disease-causing pathogens.

Aguair’s SaniCart™ is engineered to deliver sanitization and other solutions into controlled environments efficiently and effectively. Its simplistic design allows the user to release a solution of choice into the environment in the form of fine, dry fog composed of droplets between 6-10 microns.

This fine fog easily settles on different surfaces. The fog gets into areas that conventional systems cannot reach. This ensures 100% coverage.

Aguatronics™ will control relative humidity to maintain health.

During incubation, eggshells are very porous and are more likely to lose water because humidity tends travel from wet to drier environments. This can easily be resolved by maintaining a set RH in the incubation environment.

Maintain Bird Health by Controlling Humidity

  • Reduce respiratory, digestive, and behavioral disorders
  • Optimize growth and development
  • Minimize dust and debris circulating in the air
  • Increase feed conversion

The Aguatronics™ system can be applied to a variety of applications

  • Broiler Breeders
  • Hatcheries
  • Setter/Incubators

Aguatronics™ chick and egg SaniCart™ chicks Aguatronics™


Strict sanitization procedures are critical for ensuring your poultry products remain safe for consumption.

Foodborne diseases are responsible for approximately 79 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalization, and 5,000 deaths per year. Bacterial pathogens contribute to approximately 60 percent of the foodborne illnesses that lead to hospitalization and account for nearly two-thirds of the estimated number of foodborne pathogen-related deaths.

Contamination can occur at various points during the slaughter process, cold storage, and processing of meat animals. Air has long been recognized as a source of microbial contamination in a range of food processing plants.

An additional concern during processing and packaging of poultry is air quality. Without proper air sanitization, your products may become compromised. Aguair’s Clensair™, patent pending 6-stage air purification technology utilizes latest UV and photocatalytic disinfecting technology combined with advance media filtration to provide 99.98% clean air. It uses 6-layer purification process ensures all microorganism, molds and pathogens are eliminated. It also helps protect the health of the production workers.

SaniCart™, with its mobile design, can be rolled into any environment where quick and effective sanitation is required. Its fine fog will disinfect floors, walls, ceilings, and in all the nooks and crannies of your processing equipment.

chickens SaniCart™ chicken farm ClensAir™

chicks and egg
chicks and egg


It is critical to maintain proper conditions while perishables are in storage to reduce product loss.

While storing your perishable products, Aguair’s Clensair™ will help reduce waste and product spoilage. This unique system will destroy mold, bacteria, and viruses, while also removing odors, and other volatile organic compounds. The ClensAir™ system is food safety compliant and will reduce airborne contamination to protect your investment.

While your product is in cold storage, it's important to maintain humidity levels to preserve quality and reduce shrink.

Meat, which is rich in proteins, lipids, and water, is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. Not only that, meat’s high lipidic content lends itself to rapid oxidation. Despite all precautions, following the slaughtering process there is inevitable microbial contamination on both the surface level and deeper muscle and tissue levels of animals from contact with equipment, tools, hands, and clothes.

Luckily, microorganism growth can be easily managed through temperature. If the animal is cooled immediately after dressing, and therefore in the slaughterhouse itself, the shelf life and quality of the meat is dramatically increased. Yet there can be issues for the meat producers as a result of this primary chilling as well, namely the meat’s rapid weight loss through surface evaporation. Because the evaporation depends of the differences in temperature and relative humidity between the meat and its environment, this difficulty can also easily be avoided with the appropriate humidification system. Aguair’s Aguatronics™ system is particularly designed to control the relative humidity levels appropriate to your chilling operation.

To prevent excessive weight loss, the relative humidity level should be kept fairly high, at about 90 to 95 percent. Yet relative humidity during the chilling process is the most difficult factor to control.

Aguair's Aguatronics™ smart humidity system efficiently optimizes relative humidity while controlling water and energy consumption. Its patented nozzle technology uses air to precisely atomize water, resulting in a fine, dry fog. This humidifies the environment without wetting surfaces.

All vehicles entering or leaving a controlled environment should be sanitized.

Transport vehicles are a serious disease transmission risk between farms, distribution centers, and processing facilities. Microbes latch onto delivery trucks and introduce infectious diseases as these trucks travel between farms. As a preventive security measure, all vehicles entering or leaving a controlled environment should be sanitized.

Our Biosecurity™ truck disinfectant system provides a necessary security measure to help secure your farm, feed mill, or processing plant from biosecurity risks. Outside companies and contractors may have ineffective hygiene practices that can put your property in danger. Aguair’s vehicle disinfectant system is your first line of defense in preventing the spread of disease. By requiring all vehicles entering your property to be disinfected, any microbes or germs can be eliminated before reaching your facility.

ClensAir™ chicken Aguatronics™ poultry transportation Biosecurity™


Humidity control is essential for reducing shrink in your storage cooler.
Aguair's Aguatronics™ system allows you precisely control humidity levels inside your cooler in your retail store.

Poultry and other perishable goods can deteriorate rapidly in low-humidity conditions. It is extremely important to keep your products hydrated while in cold storage. Chillers and coolers strip the air of water, drastically reducing the humidity level of the storeroom.

Our storage humidification systems will reduce product loss and labor expenses by extending the shelf life of your products and keeping them fresh.

Aguair's ClensAir™ system enables you to control odors and maintain proper air sanitation, which is critical to maintaining a positive shopping experience for your customers. Your store will smell fresh and your products' shelf lives will be extended.

Aguatronics™ retail meat display ClensAir™

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