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Aguair's engineers will work with you to develop solutions that will reduce your perishable food loss to preserve investment. Our humidity control, air purification, and aeroponic growing systems will ensure you can precisely dictate the conditions in your environment.

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Indoor greenhouse air quality can have a huge impact on plant growth and final product yield. Humidity generated by the plant creates a perfect breeding environment for various airborne pathogens and fungal diseases like powdery mildew, downy mildew and gray mold/botrytis. These microbes can easily spread throughout the greenhouse, putting your crops at constant risk. The best way to prevent an outbreak is to invest in air sanitation technology.

EZponics™ will increase your product yield while reducing your overhead.

Aeroponics is a growing technology developed by NASA, and is an efficient method for growing plants without the use of soil. The plant's roots are suspended in the air and are sprayed from below with a fine, nutrient-rich mist. The combination of air and water promotes faster and larger plant growth.

The University of Mississippi compared the product yield of crops grown with aeroponic growing systems vs traditional soil-based growing methods. Researchers found the yields from plants grown with aeroponic technology were, on average, more than 30% larger.

SaniCart™ is mobile, portable, and effective.

Traditionally, sanitizing and other greenhouse solutions are manually sprayed. This is a labor intensive and tedious process. SaniCart simplifies this process and makes it more efficient and effective. Our proprietary technology allows solution to be sprayed as a fine fog, which uniformly reaches leaves and branches, allowing for optimal coverage.

Aguair’s SaniCart is engineered to deliver sanitization and other greenhouse solutions into controlled environments of indoor grow rooms efficiently and effectively. Its simplistic design allows the user to release a solution of choice into the environment in the form of fine, dry fog composed of droplets between 6-10 microns.

This fine fog easily settles on different surfaces, which can then be absorbed by plants. The fog gets into areas that conventional systems cannot reach. This ensures 100% coverage.

EZponics™ greenhouse strawberries SaniCart™


Proper humidity levels are critical for reducing shrink during produce processing

It is important to maintain precise humidity levels during the processing and packaging of produce. Levels that are too high may contribute to mold, mildew, and other concerns. However, levels that are too low will result in shrink and product degradation.

In all instances of the production process, Aguair's Aguatronics® humidity control system can help maintain ideal humidity. Its patented nozzle design is engineered specifically for these types of situations. Its automated control panel keep humidity at specified set levels. While consuming the least amount of energy compared to any comparable humidity system is the market. The Aguatronics Canon nozzles produce a high volume, dry (6-10 micron) fog and puts out 0.5-1.0 gallons per hour of relative humidity by volume without any moisture saturation.



It is critical to maintain proper conditions while perishables are in storage to reduce product loss. For perishables that depend on specific humidity levels, such as potatoes and other roots, the Aguatronics® system will maintain humidification up to 98% without wetness.

Many companies incur high expenses in order to maintain ideal temperatures and humidity levels within their applications. HVAC can be a solution to keep products at the proper temperatures but air conditioning units, especially during the summer months, have a tendency to decrease humidity levels, which can cause products to dehydrate. This results in shrinkage and costly product loss.

Aguair's Aguatronics® smart humidity system efficiently optimizes relative humidity while controlling water and energy consumption. Its patented nozzle technology uses air to precisely atomize water, resulting in a fine, dry fog. This humidifies the environment without wetting surfaces.


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All vehicles entering or leaving a controlled environment should be sanitized.

Transport vehicles are a serious disease transmission risk between farms, distribution centers, and processing facilities. Microbes latch onto delivery trucks and introduce infectious diseases as these trucks travel between farms. As a preventive security measure, all vehicles entering or leaving a controlled environment should be sanitized.

Our BioSafety Vehicle Disinfectant System provides a necessary security measure to help secure your farm, feed mill, or processing plant from biosecurity risks. Outside companies and contractors may have ineffective hygiene practices that can put your property in danger. Aguair’s vehicle disinfectant system is your first line of defense in preventing the spread of disease. By requiring all vehicles entering your property to be disinfected, any microbes or germs can be eliminated before reaching your facility.

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Humidity control is essential for reducing shrink in your produce cooler.
Aguair's Aguatronics® system allows you precisely control humidity levels inside your produce cooler in your retail store.

Produce and other perishable goods can deteriorate rapidly in low-humidity conditions. It is extremely important to keep your products hydrated while in cold storage. Chillers and coolers strip the air of water, drastically reducing the humidity level of the storeroom.

Our storage humidification systems will reduce product loss and labor expenses by extending the shelf life of your products and keeping them fresh and vibrant.

We will help keep your fruit fresh and crisp longer and increase shelf life, and will help prepare your green fruits for sale, prevent fruit from drying & bruising and slow down the ripening process. Every system we design maximizes energy efficiency and is customized to meet your specific ripening needs.

Aguatronics™ retail cooler

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