Aguair | Aguasonic™


precise humidification without wetness


Increases humidity up to 85% without wetness

Aguair's AguaSonic™ system is a unique point-of-use ultrasonic humidity system. It’s specifically engineered to simplify the traditional ultrasonic concept by taking the water atomization process at the nozzle level. This eliminates the need for a holding tank, which eliminate the threat of standing water contamination. This, as a result, allows the system to be very compact and also solves dedicated equipment space concerns for many application under 1000 cubic feet. It also reduces the energy consumption since it isn't required that water recirculates through a water treatment system.

The Aguasonic System Features

  • Produces a fine, dry fog with droplets sized 4-12 microns

  • Built-in humidity sensor to maintain a precise (+/- 2%) humidity level in any small application

  • Produces humidity up to 98% without wetness

  • No cleaning or refilling holding tanks or reservoirs; Water injects directly into the nozzle

  • No contamination problem like mold or bacteria colonizing in the holding tank

  • Built-in temperature sensor

  • Easy plug-and-play system (requires only power and water connection)

  • Light weight and compact design

  • Made in the USA
  • AguaSonic™ Humidity

    AguaSonic Specifications

    System Specifications

    Electric 110V or 220V | 50/60 Hz 2 Amps (2 plug outlet 20 amps)
    Water Inlet 3/8in NPT
    Water Pressure 30 PSI

    Nozzle Specifications

    Flow Rate 1/16 GPH (1/8 GPH/system)
    Drop Size 4-12 microns
    Aguasonic™ for poultry
    Aguasonic™ for cannabis
    Aguasonic™ for produce
    Aguasonic™ for cigars