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vehicle disinfectant system

360° Vehicle Disinfectant System

Biosecurity Truck Wash

Prevent Cross-Contamination by Vehicles

Microbes latch on to delivery trucks and spread infectious diseases as trucks travel between farms, distribution centers, and processing facilities.

Our truck disinfectant system provides a necessary security measure to help secure your farm, feed mill, or processing plant from biosecurity risks.

  • Effective - Drive-through design allows the vehicle to be consistently sanitized using a disinfectant of choice.

  • Energy Efficient - Low energy consumption.

  • Cost Prevention - Pro-active approach for preventing cross contamination. Saves money in the long-run.

  • Fast - Automated process is 10 times faster than manual washing.

  • Economical - Fraction of the cost compared to manual sanitation process or large truck wash system.

  • Simple - Easy installation, plug-and-play system, and low maintenance.

  • Reliable - High quality components for continuous operations.

  • Applicable - Works with any sized vehicles.
  • Biosecurity Truck Wash

    All vehicles entering or leaving a controlled environment should be sanitized.

    Biosecurity System

    Control System

    Biosecurity™ System

  • Self-cleaning screen filter
  • Water resistant enclosure with outdoor mount
  • Adjustable solution injector
  • Maintenance-free injection system
  • Low level solution sensor and indicator light
  • Automatic vehicle detection system
  • Active operation alarm
  • 1 inch NPT inlet connection
  • 50-60 PSI operating pressure (no pump required)
  • Nozzles

    Biosecurity™ System

  • Flat 110º spray pattern provides complete coverage for all sized vehicles
  • Minimum 50 PSI operating pressure
  • 27 nozzles
  • Chemical resistant PVDF nozzles and poly tubing
  • Spray Frame

    Biosecurity™ System

  • Galvanized steel frame — G90
  • Entry speed bump
  • 360 degree coverage of the vehicle
  • Requirements and Usage

    Biosecurity™ System

    110V/20A Outlet
    1in Pipe 50-60 PSI Inlet Water

    Water Usage:
    4.5 Gallons per Truck

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