Available in 3 Sizes - Full Size and Compact

SaniCart Mobile Fogging Sanitization Equipment



Automatically sanitize any space - roll in the SaniCart, set the timer, push start, and leave it!

Easy, quick, and effective!

The SaniCart is engineered to sanitize a controlled environment or mobile transportation trailer efficiently and effectively. The mobile sanitization delivery system’s simplistic design allows the user to release a disinfectant of choice into the environment in the form of a fine, dry fog composed of droplets between 6-10 microns.

This fine fog easily settles on or can be absorbed by different surfaces situated in the environment. The fog will get into areas that conventional disinfecting system cannot. This ensures a 100% effective and efficient sanitization approach.

SaniCart technology helps reduce human error and minimizes user exposure to sanitizing chemicals and pathogens while also saving time, money, and labor.

The SaniCart comes in two sizes, the full-sized model for large spaces, and the Compact that offers a durable case for easy transport.

SaniCart sanitization SaniCart™ Compact for School Sanitization

The SaniCart Advantage

  • Effective - 6-10 micron droplet size ensures disinfecting solution coats metal and gets in the ventilation ducts in the hatchery trailers and fine layers of wood flooring surfaces (effectiveness may depend on the quality of the disinfecting agents used)

  • Efficient - Gets in all the nooks and crannies without excess waste

  • Fast - Large stainless steel nozzle can spray 0.5 to 1.0 GPH

  • Economical - Fraction of the cost compared to manual sanitation processes

  • Cost Prevention - Proactive approach for preventing cross contamination - Saves money in the long-run

  • Simple - Mobile design can be rolled into any environment and only requires power and solution of choice

  • Versatile - Works in any environment or transportation trailer where quick yet effective sanitation is required

SaniCart SaniCart for recreation departments

System Features

  • Control panel with on/off switch, adjustable run time and off time, air compressor pressure gauge, and tank pressure gauge

  • Detachable, fully adjustable nozzle for precise spray option

  • Spray flow rate of 0.5-1.0 GPH

  • Power 110V (3 amps)

Full-Sized Model

  • Robust steel frame

  • Hard rubber wheels for effortless portability

  • Fully adjustable nozzle when hard mounted

  • Dimensions: 11" x 18" x 32s"

Compact Model

  • Compact design for mobile versatility

  • Impact resistant, military grade plastic case

  • All-terrain hard rubber wheels

  • East carry-on handle

  • Dimensions: 22" x 14" x 26"

SaniCart™ for Public Spaces Sanitization SaniCart™ for Hospital Sanitization SaniCart™ Compact for Gym Sanitization

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