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Aguair's engineers have developed equipment that will sanitize your indoor environments including schools, waiting rooms, airports, hotels, athletic facilities, public restrooms, offices, ambulances, cruise ships, public transportation, and airplanes.
Our SaniCart™ surface sanitization system will ensure you kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces and on hard-to-reach places.

Mobile Sanitization Dispenser

Aguair's SaniCart™ is engineered to sanitize efficiently and effectively. The mobile sanitization delivery system’s simplistic design allows the user to release a disinfectant of choice into the environment in the form of a fine, dry fog composed of droplets between 6-10 microns.

This fine fog easily settles on or can be absorbed by different surfaces situated in the environment. The fog will get into areas that conventional disinfecting system cannot. This ensures an effective and efficient sanitization approach.

SaniCart™ is a mobile, fogging sanitization system, used to protect against surface and airborne viral, bacterial, and mold contamination. The SaniCart™ technological breakthrough involves a patented micro-fog nozzle, which humidifies the entire room with any disinfectant. Compared to hand-held or aerosol sprayers, this fine disinfecting fog completely covers the indoor environment and settles on all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas without residues. Its simplistic design allows the user to move from room to room and set an automated sanitization protocol to deliver a variety of disinfecting agents that have been approved to be used as a fog, including peracetic acid (PAA), hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine dioxide. SaniCart™ technology helps reduce human error and minimize user exposure to sanitizing chemicals and pathogens, while also saving time, money, and labor.

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SaniCart™ SaniCart to keep preschoolers safe

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