sanitize any object entering a room or space


The SaniPass™ Entry Point Sanitization Station

SaniPass™ is a sanitization barrier created to deactivate surface viral or bacterial contamination from entering an enclosed environment or a secured facility. This unique technology produces curtain of fine, dry micro-fog that engulfs the surface of any three dimensional object or human passing through it. This micro-fog settles on all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas without leaving any residues. This automated system minimizes the risk surface viral or bacterial contamination without requiring additional labor.

The SaniPass™ has the ability to provide a 270º fog coverage with a variety of disinfecting agents that have been approved to be used as a fog, including paracetic acid (PAA), hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine dioxide.*

* Follow chemical manufacturer guidelines for safety and use.

SaniPass™ to combat pathogens

The SaniPass™ Advantage

  • Effective - 6-10 micron droplets remain suspended in the air and then settle on surfaces without leaving wetness or damaging residue

  • Efficient - Gets in all the nooks and crannies without excess waste

  • Versatile - Attachable to any entryway where effective sanitization is required to limit viral pathogens from entering

  • Economical - Fraction of the cost compared to manual sanitation processes

  • Cost Prevention - Proactive approach for preventing cross contamination - Saves money in the long-run

  • SaniPass™

    System Features

  • Spray bar

  • Auto ON/OFF feature

  • Low profile fog nozzle

  • 270º fog coverage

  • 1/8 GPH per foot

  • Chemical resistant design

  • Power 110V (3 amps)

  • Capacity to pull from a reservoir

  • SaniPass™


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