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The ClensAir® 6-stage Air Purification System


CleansAir® is an air purification technology that utilizes a patented six-stage purification process. This includes the newest NASA developed innovation in UV-based photocatalytic disinfecting process combined with advanced media filtration.

Value Added

• Easy to Use - Start purify with a push of a button

• Remove odors, ethylene and other volatile organic compounds

• Cost-effective and energy efficient

• Food safety compliant

• Reduce airborne contamination

• Reduce food waste and product spoilage

ClensAir™ to combat pathogens


Cold Storage
Prep Rooms
Transportation of Perishables
Food Processors

Retail Areas
Meat and Seafood
Bathrooms and Other Public Spaces

How It Works

the system at a glance

ClensAir™ Diagram

The ClensAir® system is engineered by the in-house Aguair team to ensure that your facility will achieve air purification of the highest standard.

particulate filter

ClensAir™ particulate filters

Air is drawn into the ClensAir® system through the particulate filters that catch any large dust particulates.

advanced media filter

ClensAir™ antimicrobial filter

Next, the air is pushed through an advanced media filter, which which further removes airborne particles and allergens.

ultraviolet and TiO2

ClensAir™ ultraviolet and TiO2

The air is then forced into the photocatalytic chamber that uses UV and TiO2 (technology used by NASA), designed to reduce pathogens.

odor filters

ClensAir™ dual odor filtration

The purified air moves towards the exit through dual odor filters that reduce odor causing VOCs.

surface disinfectant

ClensAir™ Ethylene Control

As the air exits ClensAir®, as an added option, it can be outfitted with a minute amount of surface disinfectant so as the purified air moves through an environment it can help halt further surface contamination.

System Specifications

system components

Model Unit Capacity
(cubic feet per minutes)
Dimensions Electrical
Requirement (Amps)
Power Number of Lamps Max Treatment Capacity
(cubic feet per day)
ClensAir™ 10K 167 Length: 42in
Width: 9.25in
Height: 7.25in
2.0 110V or 220V 2 250,000
ClensAir™ 10K-E
(Ethylene control)
167 Length: 42in
Width: 9.25in
Height: 7.25in
2.0 110V or 220V 2 250,000

technical specifications

Power Cord Power
Power Consumption Air Purification
Unit Dimensions
and Weight
Shipping Dimensions
and Weight
10ft length 120 Volt/220 Volt 2 Amp 180 watts 167 cubic feet per minute
or 10,000 cubic feet per hour
42.00" x 9.25" x 8.00"
34 pounds
48.00" x 12.00" x 12.00"
43 pounds
1 Year

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